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Robotics and Servicing


SSL builds advanced robotic and servicing systems for nuclear, military, agriculture and infrastructure applications. Our robotics technologies are proven on the Space Shuttle, the International Space Station and the Mars lander and rovers.

Robotics challenges require solid systems engineering effort, where a broad perspective is applied to seek multidisciplinary design-optimized solutions. SSL utilizes customized in-house simulation and analysis tools for portions of this work, but proper engineering judgment by experienced leadership is always an important integrating element.

Our project managers properly define and control the requirements we must work to, and how we will work to them. We work closely with our engineering, manufacturing, and quality leaders, as well as very closely with the customer set, to make sure we meet or exceed our customer’s needs.



Current Robotic and Servicing Missions:




  • Dragonfly enables larger and more powerful satellites that cannot be launched fully assembled to be packaged in pieces within a standard launch vehicle fairing
  • DARPA Seedling/NASA Tipping Point Project – The first step in changing the GEO infrastructure paradigm
  • On-orbit robotic assembly from efficiently stowed state
    • Lower satellite mass while enabling higher satellite performance
    • Commercial and government applications
    • Initial focus on installation and reconfiguration of large antenna reflectors
  • Technology could enable more complex in-orbit assembly as part of future commercial and government missions



Servicing in LEO: Restore-L

  • SSL is providing spacecraft bus to NASA Goddard Space Flight Center for Restore-L
    • Demonstrate the ability to extend the life of a satellite in LEO
    • Robotics to grasp, refuel, and relocate an existing U.S. government satellite
  • Technologies developed for Restore-L are expected to support future government and commercial missions
  • SSL also providing:
    • Critical hardware
    • Services for deployment and operations



Mars Robotics Experience

Mars 01' Mars Exploration Rovers Phoenix Mars Science Laboratory Insight


4 DOF Delivered 1999 5 DOF Launched 2003 4 DOF Launched 2007 5 DOF Launched 2011 4 DOF Launch Date 2018

Future Spaceflight Missions

  • NASA Mars 2020
  • NASA Restore-L