DigitalGlobe MDA Radiant Solutions SSL

Hosted Payload Experience

SSL’s Proven Heritage

  • Successfully hosted 12 dissimilar payloads since 2001 with two in progress covering all payload types
  • Industry leader in commercial GEO satellite manufacturing
  • 15+ satellites currently in production, most of which can easily accommodate hosted payloads
  • One of the highest satellite on-orbit availability in the industry
  • Government contractor for over 55 years

Name Description Host Satellite Launch
SXI Solar X-ray Imager for NASA GOES L & M 2000/01
UHF, X, Ka Comm UHF, X, Ka-band Comm for Australian Defense Forces Optus-C1 2003
Experiments Various pallet experiments Telstar-14 2004
Nav/Aviation Comm Japan GPS augmentation and Air Traffic Control Communications MTSAT-1/1R 2005
JAMI Japan Meteorological Imager (Visible & IR) MTSAT-1/1R 2005
X-band Comm NATO configured X-band payload for Spain XTAR-EUR 2005
IRMA In-orbit Reconfigurable Multibeam Antenna, X-band receive phased array payload for XTAR Spainsat 2006
CCD Camera CCD visual cameras Echostar-XI 2008
CCD Camera CCD visual cameras ICO-G1 2008
IRIS Cisco Internet Router In Space Intelsat-14 2009
Ka-band Comm Ka-band comm payload for Canada ViaSat-1 2011
X-band Comm  Commercial X-band payload for Military Anik-G1 2012
EGNOS European GPS Navigation Overlay system SES Sirius-5 2012
LCRD Laser Communications Relay Demo payload for NASA TBD  
PODS Payload Orbital Delivery System for DARPA TBD