AsiaSat 5, 7

AsiaSat 5

AsiaSat 5, a Fixed Satellite Services (FSS) spacecraft, replaces and expands upon the services provided by AsiaSat 2 at 100.5 degrees east longitude. The satellite's payload carries both C- and Ku-band transponders and has a 15-year mission life. With some 300 digital television channels delivered by the company's satellites, AsiaSat provides services to both the broadcast and telecommunications industries across the Asia Pacific region. The spacecraft was launched in August 2009.

AsiaSat 7 serves as a back-up to AsiaSat 5. The satellite is based on SSL’s 1300 satellite bus, with performance similar but not limited to that of AsiaSat 5, designed for the provision of fixed satellite services for television broadcast, telephone networks, and VSAT networks for broadband multimedia services across the Asia Pacific. AsiaSat 7 was successfully launched in 2011.