Space-Proven Products from a Reliable Manufacturer

SSL is one of the world's premier designers, manufacturers, and integrators of powerful satellites and satellite systems, providing solutions that meet the requirements of an international base of commercial and governmental customers.

SSL's satellites are capable of delivering a wide range of services, such as broadcast video distribution, broadband digital multimedia communications, direct-to-home video and data broadcast, mobile radio and data broadcast, mobile voice and data services, defense communications, environmental monitoring, and air traffic control. SSL is a recognized industry leader in providing reliable and capable satellites that form the backbones of our customer's businesses.

SSL's satellites have delivered nearly 1,900 years of cumulative on-orbit service. Much of that total has been amassed by the three-axis-stabilized 1300 series geosynchronous satellites. More than one-third of SSL spacecraft placed on orbit have operated beyond the contractual life requirements.

SSL is committed to delivering to our customers the highest performing satellite systems with the best value and on a reliable schedule.