The following Press Release is from the State of California Labor and Workforce Development Agency's Employment Training Panel

State of California Employment Training Panel

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor

Charles Lundberg

Employment Training Panel Awards Almost $9.5 Million to Train 7,265 California Workers

SACRAMENTO - The California Labor and Workforce Development Agency's Employment Training Panel (ETP), at its October 27, 2006, meeting approved 25 contracts, totaling almost $9.5 million in job training funds to train 7,265 California workers.

The Panel approved a contract for $1,072,500 to Space Systems/Loral, Inc., (SS/L) to train 1,100 California workers in skills necessary to remain competitive and move the company into new markets globally. Founded in 1957 and located in Palo Alto , SS/L, a subsidiary of Loral Space and Communications, designs, builds and tests satellites, subsystems and payloads.

Since its inception, the company has manufactured more than 220 satellites, delivering in excess of 1,300 years of on-orbit service. This rapidly expanding company added 400 employees to its workforce in 2006, and intends to hire 700 additional employees by the end of 2007 to handle business and production processes. ETP-funded training will assist SS/L to meet its goals of staying competitive, moving into new markets, responding efficiently to customers' needs, and achieving cycle time reductions, cost savings, and waste minimization.

"As the world's leading commercial satellite manufacturer, Space Systems/Loral relies on the skills of California workers," said John Celli, President of Space Systems/Loral. "In order to maintain our global leadership we must constantly update engineering and manufacturing processes, tools and equipment, and keep our workforce current on the latest technology. ETP-funded training will most certainly assist us in our efforts." For more information regarding Space Systems/Loral, contact Wendy Lewis, SS/L's Director of Communications, at 650-852-5188.

ETP is a business and labor supported state agency that assists employers in strengthening their competitive edge by providing funds to partially off-set the costs of job skills training necessary to maintain high-performance workplaces. California 's ETP is a performance-based program, providing funds for trainees who successfully complete approved training programs and are retained in well-paying jobs for a specific period of time.

The program is funded by the Employment Training Tax paid by California employers, and targets firms threatened by out-of-state and international competition. Since its inception in 1983, the ETP program has provided over $1 billion to train more than 660,000 workers in over 60,000 California companies. Employers match training funds awarded through ETP contracts, making these projects true public-private partnerships.

To view copies of the proposals considered by the Panel at its most recent meeting, visit the ETP website at http://www.etp.ca.gov/packet.cfm. For more information about the ETP program, please visit www.etp.ca.gov, or call 916-327-5261.



Contractor County Contract Amount
Fuji Food Products, Inc. Orange $86,400
Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce Statewide $823,780
Elsinore Ready Mix Company, Inc. Riverside $49,368
Standard Filter Corporation San Diego $39,000
Anthony, Inc., dba Anthony International Los Angeles $401,868
General Mills Operations, Inc. Los Angeles $236,880
CHARO Community
Development Corp.
Los Angeles/Orange/Riverside/
San Bernardino
Pacific Asian Consortium in Employment Los Angeles $198,935
Trav-L-World College Los Angeles/Orange/Riverside/
San Bernardino
UAW Labor Employment and Training Corporation Statewide $1,529,000
West San Gabriel Valley Consortium dba Career Partners Statewide $140,134
Pacific Aero Component Engineering Los Angeles $7,280
Guittard Chocolate Company San Mateo/Solano $198,720
IBM Corporation Statewide $1,285,200
Space Systems/Loral, Inc. Santa Clara $1,072,500
Regional Technical Training Center Alameda $199,916
Costless Maintenance Services Co., Inc., dba CMSC San Francisco $17,952
Nemet Management Group Alameda $43,472
Metabolex Alameda $49,588
Cadence Design Systems, Inc. Statewide $538,650
DST Output El Dorado $1,203,840
American Incorporated Tulare $166,320
Center for Employment Training Statewide $487,441
Wiebe and Associates CPA, LLP Fresno $34,320
Visalia Medical Clinic, Inc. Tulare $270,000



To view copies of the proposals considered by the Panel at its October 27, 2006, meeting, visit the ETP website at http://www.etp.ca.gov/packet.cfm . For more information about the ETP program, please visit www.etp.ca.gov , or call 916-327-5261.