Space Systems/Loral Highlighted in the San Francisco Chronicle

After slump, satellites get back on the beam; Palo Alto's Loral continues to be among the industry's leaders

The following article appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle Sunday, February 18.

By Tom Abate
Chronicle Staff Writer
February 18, 2007

At the south end of Palo Alto , barely visible from Highway 101, sits one of Silicon Valley 's oldest, but least-known, manufacturing companies - Space Systems Loral.

For 50 years, under a succession of corporate owners, Loral's engineers and technicians have specialized in building civilian and non-defense satellites for everything from beaming television to collecting data for weather maps.

Experts say aerospace companies like Loral are bouncing back from post-Cold War defense cutbacks and the dot-com crash that crimped demand for these orbiting electronic platforms. Suddenly, orders are booming for civilian satellites that can cost $100 million to $300 million to build, driven largely by what seems to be the insatiable appetite of earthlings for television signals.

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