SSL Enabled Benefits For Hosted And Dispensed Payloads

Low Risk Solutions with SSL’s Vast Experience

  • Successfully hosted 12 dissimilar payloads since 2001 with two in progress covering all payload types
    • Scientific, Navigation, Optic/Imaging/IR, and Communications

Assured Access to Space and Mission Life with SSL Heritage and High Reliability

  • Large beginning-of-life margins easily enable 1-4 year technology demonstrations while the 15+ year bus design life allows mission continuity operations
  • 55+ years of experience with 70+ GEO satellites currently operating worldwide

Frequent/Fast Space Access / Sustained Model with SSL’s Frequent Launches

  • Five to eight launches per year to multiple orbit locations for major satellite operators
  • 19 SSL satellites in backlog with many able to accommodate hosted payloads
  • Hosted payloads can be integrated and launched within the typical commercial GEO satellite timeframe of 22 to 36 months
  • Hosted payloads received for host integration as late as 6 to 12 months prior to launch

Mission Stability Requirements Met with SSL’s Proven Platform

  • Demonstrated low on-orbit jitter without isolation measures (GOES I – M, MTSAT-1R)
  • Additional isolation available if needed

Accommodation Flexibility with Highly Scalable 1300 Bus

  • SSL’s modular, adaptive bus has inherent flexibility for varying accommodations
  • Processes, policies, integration and test plans and risk mitigation strategies in place for both small and large payloads

Affordable Fixed Cost Access to Space

  • Cost reductions over dedicated missions can result from shared integration, launch, and operations with the host satellite
  • Hosted payloads can benefit from the highly competitive Firm Fixed Price contracts typical of commercial satellites with a fixed accommodation cost

Hosted Payload Operation Options

  • Ability to lease commercial services already on board the commercial communications satellite to transmit data back to Earth
  • Ability to use existing host satellite operations facilities for hosted payload control
  • Shared command and control of the hosted payload through the host satellite or a completely dedicated and separate system operated by the hosted payload owner