Palo Alto, Calif. – May 19, 2011 – Former U.S. Air Force Colonel David Anhalt has joined the government business acquisition team at Space Systems/Loral.  As Vice President, U.S. Government Solutions, he strengthens SS/L’s competitive position for capturing government business and adds to the company’s decades of experience integrating instruments, sensors and communications payloads onto the satellites it builds.

Mr. Anhalt has broad experience in systems engineering, weapon acquisition, and strategic planning and he joins SS/L after spending seven years at Orbital Sciences Corporation and 28 years serving in the U.S. Air Force. At Orbital Sciences, he was part of the Advanced Programs Group where he was responsible for strategic planning and business development activities for national security space programs. In that role he was the architect and program manager for the Commercially Hosted Infrared Payload (CHIRP) flight demonstration, which is also one of the U.S. government's first experiments with hosting a military payload on a commercial spacecraft.  

Mr. Anhalt's distinguished military career includes service at the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization as the Chief Scientist for Acquisition, Tracking and Pointing; and a National Defense Fellowship at the Centre for International Relations at Queen's University in Canada. He is a graduate of the Air Force Test Pilot School and led the low observable performance testing of the first twenty operational F-117 Stealth Fighters. He also directed the combined contractor-government test team for the Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Reconnaissance System (JSTARS) Test Force and oversaw technical operations in the Balkan theater in 1995 to 1996 during the enforcement of the Dayton Peace Accords. While Military Assistant to the Director of Net Assessment at the Department of Defense, Colonel Anhalt directed comparative analyses of trends in U.S. and foreign use of long-range precision strike and space systems in warfare. Before retiring from the Air Force, Colonel Anhalt was Chief, Space Control and Advanced Technologies Directorate for the Secretary of the Air Force.

Mr. Anhalt is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy.  He holds a Masters Degree in Aerospace and Mechanical Sciences from Princeton University; an M.E.E.E. degree in digital design and control theory from the University of Idaho; a Masters in international relations from Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada; and an M.S. degree in national resource strategy from the Industrial College of the Armed Forces.