U.S. Ambassador to Australia Tours SS/L

Palo Alto, Calif. – January 9, 2012 – The U.S. Ambassador to Australia, The Honorable Mr. Jeffrey Bleich, toured Space Systems/Loral and met with President John Celli and Senior Vice President Arnold Friedman on Monday, December 19, during a courtesy visit to the satellite manufacturing facility. During the tour, Mr. Bleich had the opportunity to view numerous satellites in varying stages of the assembly and test process. “They’re massive,” was the ambassador’s response, when asked his impression after seeing a satellite up close for the first time. “I have absolute admiration for the work being done, realizing that such a massive spacecraft holds tiny and finely tuned components that must work perfectly when put through the most challenging environmental circumstances—space.” SS/L works closely with the U.S. embassy in Australia, as well as with our embassies in other countries, as part of an effort to develop and maintain positive and constructive relationships with customers in those countries. Australia is a major participant in the satellite industry and has consistently focused on the U.S. as a source for its satellite needs.