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Larry Rubin

Vice President of Enterprise Competitiveness

Larry Rubin is Vice President of Enterprise Competitiveness at SSL, a leading provider of innovative satellites and space systems. He is responsible for company operational excellence and market competitiveness.

Mr. Rubin has over 35 years of experience in space program management, systems engineering & operations, and spacecraft design.

With SSL for more than 20 years, Mr. Rubin is also Vice President of International Programs, responsible for program management, interfaces with customers and launch, ground, and insurance service providers, as well as for business development efforts. He has led program management teams for more than a score of satellite programs at SSL for a wide range of commercial and government customers.

Before joining SSL, Mr. Rubin directed Commercial Systems Engineering efforts at Hughes Space & Communications (now part of Boeing), where he also held systems engineering management positions at Hughes Communications, Inc. and for the Galileo Jupiter Probe.

Mr. Rubin was awarded the NASA Exceptional Public Service Medal for his leadership of the Galileo Probe systems engineering team.

Mr. Rubin earned a bachelor of science degree in physics from the University of Michigan and attended the Management Development Program at the UCLA John E. Anderson Graduate School of Management.