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SSL is at the forefront of the space industry, and our employees are leading the way. At SSL, you'll work in a dynamic, high-tech, and collaborative environment where ideas are valued and you are valued.

SSL employees develop and build some of the most powerful and innovative satellite systems in the industry and provide a range of related services to our international customers. Our customers are often the leaders in supplying services, including broadband digital communications; direct-to-home broadcast; governmental communications; environmental monitoring; and air traffic control. The future of worldwide communications is growing, and you could be a part of it at SSL.


SSL has employment opportunities in the following categories. Browse all employment opportunities here.


Our technicians are fundamental to building our satellites by utilizing a variety of precision equipment.


The scope of engineering opportunities at SSL embraces everything from research and development to general and highly specialized topics.

itIT Skill

These positions work with the newest information and data technology, supporting the corporate and manufacturing environment in the Silicon Valley.


From project and program management to evaluation of supplier products, services, and pricing, these positions will grow with the company.

financeFinance Skill

These positions will support the engineering and manufacturing operations in forecasting, control and analysis of all business activities.


All our positions play a role in the design and manufacture of our satellites, directly or indirectly, making all our employees a part of the exciting aerospace industry.

othersMDA Career Opportunities

These positions report directly to corporate but some may be physically located in the United States. For a complete list of all MDA opportunities, please visit the MDA Careers page.