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SSL is a global leader in integrated space technologies, delivering advanced systems for
communications, exploration, data gathering, and next-generation services.



SpaceNews, June 11, 2018
Space Systems Loral’s booth at the Space Tech Expo in Pasadena, California, was flanked by robotic arms: a sturdy one for grasping geostationary satellites and a slender one for assembling spacecraft in orbit. Read more...
Geospatial World, June 4, 2018
On-orbit satellite servicing, as the name suggests, is a technology that involves approaching a spacecraft in orbit, and modifying, repairing or refueling it in the space, or even build completely new platforms and spacecraft while on orbit. Read more...
ViaSat, June 4, 2018
Adam Marks joined satellite manufacturer Space Systems Loral (SSL) as its new chief strategy officer in early May from Thales Group, where he served as vice president of strategy and corporate development. Read more...
Geospatial World, May 18, 2018
In this video interview with Geoworldmedia, SSL SVP & Chief Strategy Officer, discusses Maxar’s strategy for providing persistent and resilient next-generation space infrastructure. Read more...
SatMagazine, December 5, 2017
Mr. Dario Zamarian is Group President of SSL, where he is responsible for all of the satellite and space systems markets the company serves. Read more...
STEM Workforce Diversity, Summer, 2017
Leslie Quist-Adinyira doesn’t work for merely a global company. A mechanical systems development engineer at SSL, Quist-Adinyira works for a company that goes far beyond the wild blue yonder. Read more...
Satnews Daily, October 27, 2017
Just as important as hearing a human heartbeat to ensure there is life within a body, so it is when satellites respond accordingly after their launch. And so it is with. Read more...

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